is a modern SaaS platform for the personalization of audience level, intelligent creative @ scale.

Our self-serve SaaS platform enables marketers to deliver the scale and personalized creative variants required by audience specific content activities.

Stanley  is built for strategic marketing organizations and modern creative agencies who want to achieve both efficiency and productivity gains, increase speed to market and improve business outcomes through audience level creative personalization @ scale.

Personalized content automation for the intelligence era:
//Stanley offers marketers the ability to align performance targeting with content automation through human/machine solutions -tailored to the right audience segment, in the right context, at the right moment and in the right way to create the most relevant 1:1 creative @scale.

This helps brands build long term, predictive content strategies, takes guesswork out of the creative supply chan, informs creative optimization strategies and creates valuable category intelligence.

Stanley is based in Brooklyn, New York + supports innovative market leaders globally.

Contact us to schedule a 30 minute platform demo and learn how can drive your creative personalization efforts.

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